4:02pm September 11, 2014

Net Neutrality: How To Submit Comments To The FCC


 The info you submit will be public

1. Go to
2. Click on 14-28 
3. Comment “I want internet service providers classified as common carriers.”
4. Hit Confirm on the next page
5. Done

10:05pm September 7, 2014

All day baby!!!! #Steelers #RiseUp #SteelerNation


All day baby!!!! #Steelers #RiseUp #SteelerNation

9:32pm September 7, 2014




6:16pm September 2, 2014

Meet the Blogger

I was tagged to do this by blackberrycreek

Name:  Lauren

Age:  31

Gender: Female


Food: This is hard for me to answer. I love steak, sushi, pasta, pizza, fruit, cheese…the list goes on and on. It would be easier to put what I dislike instead.

Drink: Water? That is what I drink the most. (But looking at my wine rack and wine themed dining room would make it seem otherwise). 

Book: I am a book worm for sure! My favorites are the Sword of Truth books, Outlander books, Dragonriders of Pern books, Harry Potter books, Xanth books…and that is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Author: See last question.

Song: My music tastes are so varied. I have 100 stations on Pandora and set them to randomize most of the time. Lately I’ve been excited that O-Town is back and their new album is awesome!

Movie: This is another hard list to make. The Last of the Mohicans, Dances With Wolves, Avatar, The Sound of Music, Beauty and the Beast, and The Lion King are some of the movies I’ll watch over and over. 

TV Show: Current shows - Outlander, Castle, and Big Bang Theory. Past shows - Charmed, Firefly, Alias, Lois and Clark, Chuck, Moonlight, Dr. Quinn, Doctor Who (I stopped watching sometime ago).

Band: Shiny Toy Guns - They are always my answer because I love to introduce people to their music!

Solo Artist: (I’m totally stealing Katie’s answer) Gonna go for some hipster answers here and mention some local Pittsburgh artists that I really like, Ben Hardt and Joy Ike. (Even though both of them don’t really live in Pittsburgh anymore…)

Place: Hawaii, Florida, California, Canada, tropical islands… traveling is probably my favorite pastime. 

Subject: So it’s been a long time since I’ve been in school. Grad school was all biology so I guess that would be my answer. I do like early American history. 

Sport: Steelers! Penguins! Pirates! All Pittsburgh sports! Team USA during the Olympics! I love sports.

Male Actor: Too many to mention. haha

Female Actor: See above!


Best Friend: Best friend that I’ve had for the longest time - Devin. Best friend that I have the coolest adventures with - Katie. 

Siblings: I have a younger brother named Michael. 

Dream job: Dentist or Veterinarian 

Political ideology: Moderate - socially liberal and fiscally republican. 

Religion: Roman Catholic, although I take a lot of my personal beliefs from many sources. 

Tattoos: None, although I plan on getting a dragon on my side someday.

Piercing: Two in each ear.

Languages: Unfortunately just English. I used to know Latin but have forgotten basically everything. I want to learn Italian. 


Reason Behind URL: Golden Wolf is my Indian name when I reenact (I’m an 18th century Native American reenactor). The Lenape translation is Wisaw Teme (literally yellow colored wolf).  

Reason behind icon: It’s my dog Jack! 

Tracked tags: none

Why you joined: Because of Glee. *cringes*

First URL: This one.

Number of blogs: Just this one! 

I’ll tag karissaeb, nerdtasticles, and shannonfox.

6:14pm August 20, 2014



one difference between cats and dogs is that dogs do absolutely nothing to mask their clinginess while cats pretend it’s a coincidence they’re in the same room as you 97% of the time

"The fact I am laying on your face means nothing"

5:17pm August 20, 2014



Mind-blowingly FUCKING AWESOME Nebula cosplay
dear lord






Mind-blowingly FUCKING AWESOME Nebula cosplay

dear lord



4:19pm August 20, 2014
Your husband is a lucky man.
3:22pm August 20, 2014
  • Plays: 12,875
  • Artist: Bear McCreary
  • Track Name: Claire and Jamie Theme (unofficial)

Outlander music: Claire and Jamie theme during end credits, 1x02

2:24pm August 20, 2014


witches and wizards of colour

Man I wish they’d kept the actress who played Lavender Brown. Look at her, she’s stunning! And if the casting director doesn’t think it’s realistic Ron would fall for her they need to sort out their priorities.